Stable Rules
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Barn Hours:

7am-10pm - 7 days a week


• A signed release form is required before riding anywhere on the property
• No smoking, no hunting, no fishing
• Clean up after yourself and your horse—aisle, wash stall, round pen and arenas
• Do not use other people’s property without permission
• Close and latch all gates and stalls, turn out lights if you are the last to leave
• Children must be supervised at all times
• Do not ride in the private area around the house
• Label all tack and equipment
• Notify management in advance if bringing in an equine professional (vet, farrier, etc), clean up afterwards, and stay until all parties have vacated.
• Stalls are reserved for assigned full-board horses only
• Park only on gravel areas
• Do not take hay, feed or bedding without permission
• Keep all horse treats in a mouse-proof container
• No outside trainers (unless prior arrangements have been made)
• Visitors must be accompanied by a boarder at time of visit or schedule a meeting with owner or manager
• Visitors are not allowed in pastures
• Visitors are not allowed to ride and or handle horses without signing a Release Form
• Always be aware of your surroundings and alert someone if something seems amiss

Boarding Forms


• ASTM/SEI helmets are required when mounted as well as proper riding attire
• Horses are not allowed to be loose while grazing outside the pastures
• No outside dogs

Arena Etiquette

• The round pen should be the first option for lunging. Please refrain from riding in the arena(s) if they are in use
• Ride in the same direction or left shoulder to left shoulder if approaching someone
• Do not free-lunge horses in the arena if others are waiting to ride
• The fenced arena is designated for flatwork. Put away any jumps, poles or cones upon completion of riding
• If conditions are wet, ride ONLY in the arenas.
Arena Rules

Horse Care

• Do not feed treats to other people’s horses without permission
• All horses must adhere to Amulette’s vaccine requirements, worming schedule, and maintain a current Coggins
Health Care Requirements